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Attorney Pallas Defends His Client’s Innocence in Botched Implant Death

| Mar 22, 2017 | In the News, Manslaughter |

Since the 2013 death of a 28-year-old mother, Suyima Torres, died following a botched butt lift performed at Cuerpos Health and Aesthetic – a cosmetic clinic in a West Miami-Dade strip mall – prosecutors have charged Jose Robusto, who they believe injected Torres with liquid silicone at the facility. However, authorities have failed to develop a case against clinic owner, Ruth Planas.

Also known as the porn star Vanessa Luna, Planas also operated a clinic to sell cosmetic products and Herbalife nutritional supplements, as well as perform on live X-rated web videos a few times a week. She claims that no injections were ever done at the business. The state of Florida licensed the business only to perform massages.

The surviving family members of Torres believe that criminal charges should be filed against Planas and her sister, who also worked at the clinic. On the other hand, Attorney George Pallas – who is representing Planas – exclaimed that since no charges have been filed proves his client’s innocence.

“Ruth Planas did not work with or for Jose Robusto,” said Pallas in the Miami Herald. “My exhaustive review of the evidence…led me to conclude that she had nothing at all to do with the unfortunate death of Suyima Torres.”

Robusto, who claims to be a physician in Venezuela, awaits trial for manslaughter. While the clinic used Facebook and fliers to advertise for plastic surgeries, Planas said she only acted as a middleman that would “refer” surgeries to reputable doctors.

“As far as you know [Torres] didn’t have a cosmetic surgical procedure in your establishment,” a Miami-Dade detective asked Planas six days after the woman’s death.

“No, none,” Planas responded. “Only what I had done to her.”

Planas and her sister both denied any butt implants were performed that day. She said Torres visited that day only for a facial. But as soon as it was finished, Torres started complaining about feeling sick, which prompted a call for an ambulance.

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