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What You Need To Know About Bond Reduction in Florida

Bail is set to make sure that the defendant comes to court for all trial and pretrial court proceedings. Every person in Florida, with the exception of those arrested for a capital felony crime, holds the right to be released from jail on bond. By filing a motion to reduce bond, your Miami criminal defense lawyer from our firm may be able to have your bail reduced.

In order for this request to be granted, the defendants’ commitment to the community and unlikelihood to flee jurisdiction must be proven. Our criminal defense team at Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law, may be able to help you save money by obtaining a lower bond or the release of the defendant on his or her own recognizance.

How Can A Lawyer Help With Bond Reduction?

When the court sees that the defendant is represented by a lawyer, they are viewed as being serious about defending their side of the case. With an attorney by your side, you have a much better chance of having the bond reduction accepted. No matter what the circumstances, an experienced Miami bond hearing attorney from our firm may be able to represent you. Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law, can develop a strong case to help you decrease the amount of posted bail.

Bond hearings are held at an early stage in a criminal case to establish the cost of bail. Your judge can determine if giving a bond amount is appropriate and what amount should be posted.

Factors that are considered for the amount of bail include:

  • Amount of evidence
  • Community ties of the defendant
  • Any past criminal records

You can request a separate bond hearing if no bond is set or if it is set too high during your first appearance. The judge may then reduce the amount of bail.

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