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The November 2016 election cycle brought the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida. As supporters of the naturally-occurring herbal medicine celebrate the victory, small business owners and large pharmaceutical corporations alike have begun to sort through the new set of laws regarding the budding industry. Many have run into difficulties interpreting what practices are legal and what are still strictly prohibited.

If you are thinking of starting a company in the medical marijuana industry in Florida, or if you represent a company that is interested, Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law and our legal counselors can be of assistance. We have studied the new medical marijuana laws and regulations in-depth to give us an insight into the industry changes that is simply unparalleled. We are also highly-experienced Miami drug crime attorneys with a track record of success, which gives us a solid understanding of some of the more obscure regulations that could lead to criminal charges if inadvertently violated.

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Medical Marijuana Industries & Cases

The legalization of medical marijuana in Florida has opened the doors to a brand new industry that could prove immensely profitable to interested companies but also promises to be complicated beyond precedent. Each state that legalizes cannabis usage in medicinal fields has been tasked with creating its own statutes and regulations. In addition to state-level rules, federal laws apply to each state and must be followed to the letter, or else serious legal consequences could follow, such as the removal of a business's license to operate, steep fines, and possible jail time of business owner or executives.

Our litigators and legal counselors are here to assist you with all legal concerns regarding the formation and smooth operation of your medical marijuana business in Florida. Whenever you encounter an issue or just take on a new project, you will never need to worry about whether or not you are going to stay well within your legal boundaries. Confidence in your business plan, formation, and growth allows you to move forward quicker than before, knowing that the odds of you losing any time or resources to a legal issue has been absolutely minimized.

How Our Medical Marijuana Lawyers Can Help

Some of the medical marijuana businesses we can assist include:

  • Cultivators: At the front of every medical marijuana industry, there must be a business or branch dedicated to cultivating the product. Regulations are strict when it comes to how cannabis is grown, farmed, and processed, including where a cultivation center can even be located in Florida and how much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is acceptable in an end-product.
  • Distributors: Packaging and shipping a product has always been regulated thoroughly by the government to protect consumers and users. Medical marijuana is no different. Violating a distribution regulation will likely trigger severe legal consequences and stir up controversy regarding drug trafficking.
  • Dispensaries: Medical marijuana dispensaries will be heavily scrutinized and frequently reviewed by state- and federal-level authorities for full regulation compliance. Being the connection between the medical marijuana industry and patients, a dispensary will surely be slammed with penalties if just one regulation is overlooked.

Allow our general counsel for medical marijuana businesses to help you with:

  • Forming a business: We are prepared to help you get off the ground and create the framework of your business through insightful legal counsel. Before you even pick out an office location, you will need to be well-versed in legal restrictions. We can guide you around legal pitfalls from start to finish.
  • Complying with regulations: As your business begins operations, you must stay continually aware of all federal oversights and pertinent regulations. Florida laws are also sure to change in the coming years as the industry develops. We can help you stay ahead of the changes and safe inside legal parameters.
  • Preparing for litigation: Sometimes a government agency may suspect that you have violated a medical marijuana industry regulation and start an investigation, or even move towards litigation. Our legal counsel allows you to prepare for discussions in your defense, as well as a potential courtroom battle to keep your business license.

Your Business Is Our Business

If you are interested in starting or running a business in Florida's new, legalized medical marijuana industry, you should be able to focus on the details necessary to keep it healthy and profitable. You should not have to sink time, energy, and resources into legal disputes and regulation compliance. With our Miami medical marijuana lawyers, you can easily steer through regulatory obstacles, meet or exceed acceptable standards, and look forward to the future of your business.

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  • Felony Grand Theft 3rd Degree – Charges Dismissed Case: F14-7920 | 2020
  • Aggravated Assault with a Firearm – Charges Dismissed Case: F20-0314 | 2020
  • Battery on a Elderly Person - Case Dismissed Case: F20-11341 | 2021
  • Carrying a Concealed Firearm – Charges Dismissed Case: F18-20086 | 2020
  • Property Crime - Reduced Misdemeanor Charges Case: M18-18465 | 2018
  • Grand Theft - Charges Dismissed Case F04-29275B | 2004
  • Domestic Violence Strangulation - Case Dismissed Case: F20-11143 | 2021

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