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If you pleaded guilty or no contest after being charged with a crime, or if a court found you guilty of a felony, you may not be eligible for expungement. You should consult with a defense attorney about your options for improving your legal status. On the other hand, if a prosecutor charged you with a crime but you were not convicted, you may petition a court to expunge this information and clear it from your criminal record.

While the expungement process may take six months to a year, it can make a great difference in your future. The process will begin when you file a request or petition with the state. Your petition will include your fingerprints and personal information about you, such as your name, Social Security number and more.

You will need to pay a filing fee and submit an official document from a court clerk that spells out the outcome of the case on your record. The state’s attorney must then complete their section of your petition. With a skilled Miami lawyer to guide you, you can be sure to complete all details of your petition correctly and file all required documents with no omissions.

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At Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law, we assist those who want to clear their criminal record through expungement. An earlier error in judgment, an arrest that did not lead to a conviction, or another matter showing on your criminal record could damage your professional and personal reputation needlessly. We’re here to reverse the damage.

Our defense lawyers have helped many of our clients to clear criminal records, and if there is any possibility of getting your record cleared, we may be able to help. Call 305-564-4329 or contact us online today to learn how our experienced criminal defense team can help you get a fresh start.