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Florida BAC Levels

Defense Against BAC Evidence in You DUI Case

A driver cam be arrested for DUI if their blood alcohol content (BAC) registers at or above the legal limit of 0.08%. DUI penalties in the state is extremely heavy, ranging from extensive jail or prison time to expensive fines, depending upon the level of the offense.

The BAC of a driver is measured by breath & blood tests, and most involve the administration of field sobriety tests prior to the arrest. Though some drivers may refuse these tests, the state has implied consent laws that heavily punish a refusal, and will lead to license suspension.

Law enforcement may administer tests for impaired driving after stopping a vehicle on reasonable suspicion of DUI. At our firm, we can build a powerful defense against most DUI charges, based upon poorly conducted tests or police errors in administering tests, faulty or poorly maintained testing units, or physical conditions that could affect BAC results.

Are you facing DUI charges in Miami? We can fight for you!

If you are accused of DUI, serious consequences could result. At Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law we know that a conviction will have a lasting negative effect on your life. It is imperative that you have a highly qualified Miami DUI lawyer on your side, who is prepared to fight for your rights and your freedom. At our firm, we are focused on defending DUI cases, and we are highly skilled in challenging BAC evidence.

We have achieved hundreds of favorable decisions, and have more than 60 years of combined legal experience. Our firm serves the entire Miami-Dade area, so you can rest assured that we will give your case the undivided attention it deserves. Our team of defense attorneys has received many prestigious awards and accolades.

We also hold memberships in the following:

  • National Advocacy for DUI Defense, LLC
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Contact Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law to enlist the representation of an attorney who can evaluate your case for errors, and present a defense case that could lead to a positive outcome. Call (305) 290-1884 now.

Unprecedented Results

Recent Case Results
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case: 1204XCF | 2017
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case 1255-XDK | 2008
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 1618XCF | 2018
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: A3PVJ7E | 2018
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI and All Other Charges Case: 4860-XDY | 2011
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case 1493-XED | 2008
  • The State dropped the DUI Case: 3098-XCK | 2016
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case 0583-XEB | 2010
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case 7168-XEJ | 2010
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 7444-XEQ | 2015

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