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DUI with Injury Charges in Florida

An individual can be charged with DUI with injury if they caused bodily injury to another person while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DUI with injury is charged as a felony offense in Florida and carries a number of harsh penalties.

Florida DUI with Injury Penalties

Conviction for DUI with injury could lead to the following penalties:

  • 5 years in state prison
  • $5,000 in fines
  • Vehicle impoundment
  • Mandatory alcohol education, assessment, and treatment
  • License revocation
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Felony criminal record

If you are charged with the felony offense of DUI with injury, there is absolutely no doubt that you will need an experienced lawyer fighting for you at every stage of your case.

Accused of a DUI with injury? We can help.

If you have been charged with a DUI with injury, you will be facing severe consequences. At Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law, we have a team of highly skilled attorneys who can take action to protect your rights and freedom. With over 35+ years of combined experience, we have experience in all of the most effective strategies that could beat felony DUI charges.

We have hundreds of victories to our credit, and memberships in some of the most prestigious legal associations in the state. As a well-respected and accomplished defense law firm, we have the experience, knowledge and skills you will need on your side in a case of criminal accusations of a DUI with injury.

Get in touch with our Miami DUI lawyer immediately for representation could make all the difference. Give us a call at (305) 290-1884 to discuss your defense options!

Unprecedented Results

Recent Case Results
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 7260GPR | 2018
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case: A0Z0YPP | 2018
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 5986-XEM | 2014
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case: 7852-XEM | 2015
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case: 8278-XEQ | 2017
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case 2846-GLX | 2010
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case: A76482E | 2016
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 2911XEV | 2017
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case 3454-XEJ | 2011
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case: A0Z14YP | 2017

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