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Arrested for Multiple Drunk Driving Charges in Florida?

One DUI conviction is hard enough. The penalties include:

  • Fine of $500 - $1,000
  • Jail sentence of up to 6 months
  • License revocation for 6 months

You will be unable to drive and you will have a black mark on your criminal record. The consequences only increase in severity, however, with each subsequent DUI charge.

Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law has a strong understanding of Florida's DUI laws and has taken hundreds of cases to trial in Miami-Dade County. We are more than capable of providing aggressive defense for anyone facing a second, third, or fourth DUI conviction in Miami, and we have the results to prove it.

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Florida Penalties for Multiple DUIs

Upon a second DUI, an individual could face a fine of $1,000 - $2,000, a jail sentence of up to 9 months, vehicle impoundment for 30 days, and license revocation for up to 6 months.

If charged with a third DUI, the fine increases to $1,000 - $2,500, the jail sentence can be up to 12 months, and the license suspension can be up to 5 years.

A fourth DUI will result in a minimum fine of $1,000, a jail sentence of up to 5 years, and a mandatory license revocation for life. These penalties increase even more if the conviction occurs within 10 years of the person's first DUI.

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Do not wait to speak with a Miami multiple DUI attorney if you're facing charges of multiple DUI. The penalties can have a lasting impact on your life, your career, and your reputation. Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law is a recognized defense firm that has practiced nothing but DUI defense in Miami-Dade for decades. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to defend you from your charges.

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Unprecedented Results

Recent Case Results
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 7260GPR | 2018
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 8631-XEM | 2016
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case 9241-XEC | 2009
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case 6624-XEE | 2011
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 6157-XEQ | 2015
  • The Government DROPPED the BUI (Boating Under the Influence). Case 1139925—Federal | 2013
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 0081XFH | 2018
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case 3317-XEJ | 2010
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 0069-XER | 2015
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: A10637P | 2016

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