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Top Things to look for when hiring a DUI lawyer in Miami

Hiring a lawyer to defend you in a DUI case is stressful and challenging. The good news is there are a handful of very qualified firms in the Miami-Dade area and you should meet with a few of them before making your decision.

Experience, Experience, Experience

The only way for young lawyers to get the right experience in how to successfully handle DUI cases is to either work for the Public Defender’s Office or the State Attorney’s Office right out of law school. These two offices are the training grounds for the most successful future criminal defense lawyers in Miami. As a young lawyer, it is critical to form the right habits in how to defend a case, and to learn how to take a case all the way to trial. As a Public Defender, young lawyers gain the additional skill of cross-examination, which means questioning the Police Officers in the case to show both sides of the argument. It is also important your lawyer spent a few years training in one of these offices, not just a few months.
Keeping it Local

Handling cases in several different jurisdictions might be good financially for a law firm, but keeping your caseload local allows lawyers to specialize in one specific jurisdiction and build relationships that last a lifetime. The Judges and prosecutors play a very important role in your DUI case as to its eventual resolution.

Knowing how a Judge might rule on a certain issue, or how a prosecutor will respond to a certain argument, could be the different in getting your DUI dismissed or reduced to reckless driving. Also, knowing the various members of law enforcement in the specific jurisdiction can be helpful in cross examination.

Two Heads are better than one

DUI Defense takes creativity. A law firm with a handful of lawyers could be the difference in spotting the one issue in your case necessary in order to achieve a good result. It is a great idea to have several different lawyers read the reports in your case, and to see what issues jump out off the page, if any. The initial report is preliminary, remember you will hire an attorney before the other reports are made available to the public.