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Couple Arrested in Sexual Assault of 11-Year-Old Disabled Girl

Miami – Juan Jimenez and his wife, Nicole kidnapped an 11-year-old girl with special needs off a sidewalk after she was on her way home from middle school. It was the last day of school before summer break in June, according to police.

The couple took the girl to an abandoned home in Miami; it was at the abandoned home that Jimenez raped the girl as his wife stood by, according to investigators. "It takes a subservient individual with low self-esteem who is willing to do anything to keep her man around," said Chief Manuel Orosa of Nicole's role in the attack.

Juan Jimenez, 38, faces one count of kidnapping and sexual battery on a minor. His wife Nicole Jimenez, 26, faces one count of kidnapping. The kidnapping occurred near Northwest 15th Street and 50th Avenue on June 6; police have not been able to locate the abandoned home where the assault took place.

"A crime against a child is the worst, but a crime against a child with special needs is something that we have to take very seriously," said Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado at a news conference at the Miami Police Headquarters.

The couple was found hiding out in New Orleans, where they were captured by a U.S. Marshals fugitive squad while working on a tip they had received.

The couple had been interviewed by Miami investigators a few weeks after the attack, but Orosa said that at the time there wasn't enough evidence to charge them. With the victim's descriptions, the police were able to create a sketch that according to Orosa was very close to the Jimenezes. By the time the detectives returned to make their arrest, the couple had fled the area.

Police are still trying to find the house where the assault took place, which was described by the victim as white with blue trim and "junky" looking. The pair returned the girl to the area near the abduction site about four hours after she was kidnapped, and police said that she was bruised and scarred by the time she finally made it home.

Orosa said that they don't know if there are more children out there that were abused by these two individuals. "I don't believe that a man and wife all of a sudden decide to go pick up little kids and abuse them. I believe that usually there is…a pattern involved, that it probably happened before."

The announcement of the Jimenez arrests came just a day after Sweetwater police had discovered an autistic man who was being kept in "dungeon-like" conditions in a trailer that belonged to his own mother.