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No Bond for Facebook Confessor

South Miami – On Monday, August 12, 2013, Jennifer Alfonso was carried in a white casket at her wake, that in life, she knew might be coming. The deceased was dressed in white, as was many of her friends and relatives at her request. Alfonso had long feared that her husband, Derek Medina might seriously harm her, and she confided her deepest fears with one of her sisters, who wants to remain unidentified at this point in time.

Derek and Jennifer had a heated relationship, they went so far as to obtain a divorce only to remarry shortly afterwards. Alfonso had specified that in the event of her death, she be laid in her casket wearing all white in honor of archangel Gabriel, and that the mourners also wear white; those who knew of this request obliged accordingly.

The 26-year-old Alfonso was shot dead last Thursday at the couple's townhome by her 31-year-old husband Derek Medina, leaving behind a 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, who was home at the time of the shooting. Medina posted a photo of Alfonso's bloody and lifeless body on Facebook announcing that he had killed his wife before turning himself in to the South Miami police station. The photograph remained visible on Facebook until the social network was alerted to its presence and shut down the page.

Scores of friends, family members and co-workers came to the Memorial Plan Funeral Home on Palm Avenue in Hialeah for the wake, some of which included co-workers from the Denny's Restaurant where she worked as a server and was known for being a kind and good-hearted colleague. Co-workers at Denny's were aware that Alfonso had been a victim of domestic violence and the target of her husband's bullying.

A new Facebook memorial page was set up in Alfonso's honor. The page was a colorful celebration of Alfonso's life, but it was also a forum where those who were deeply affected by the circumstance of her death could vent. One message from Tony Alfonso stood out from the rest. "He got his 15 min of fame," said Alfonso. "Jenny's story will live on forever!"

Derek Medina has been charged with first degree murder and he has been denied bond. Alfonso's father hopes Medina will pay for his crime and get the death penalty.