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Miami Police Chief Steps Up Security During Holiday Season

MIAMI – This holiday season the City of Miami is stepping up its security measures with a new "Santa's Helpers" strategy.

City of Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa and Mayor Tomas Regelado announced in December that local residents would see extra security throughout Miami during the holiday season.

"Everywhere from Northwest 7th Avenue and 62nd street all the way down to Coconut Grove we will be providing extra security for holiday seasons," Orosa said at Monday's news conference.

According to Orosa, the department plans on targeting 16 shopping areas, adding 37 extra officers to patrol those areas where police say that shoppers are the most vulnerable.

"The same way you're out there shopping, we have someone out there shopping for your purses and cash."

Orosa said that in addition to the officers, there are some things that shoppers can do to prevent holiday thefts, which include:

  • Stay alert
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Put your purchases in the trunk instead of the back seat
  • Use credit cards
  • Don't show your cash

Unfortunately, it's a fact that theft-related crimes increase during the holidays, but the city is doing everything they can to ensure the safety of its shoppers.

"From Liberty City to Coconut Grove, from the Central Shopping Plaza to downtown Miami will mean not only will the people be safe but they will feel safe," Regalado said.