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Attorney Beckham Petitions for Client's Release in Grand Theft Case

Attorney Justin K. Beckham appeared in court this week to petition for the release of his client, Geovanny Zavala. Earlier this week, Mr. Zavala was caught on surveillance footage stealing and concealing approximately $38,000 worth of iPads and iPhones at his Doral warehouse job.

As reported by NBC 6 South Florida, Attorney Beckham spoke on behalf of his client both in and out of court. "My client has had a tough time in his life the past couple of years and he's made some mistakes," he told the press. Attorney Beckham argued for Mr. Zavala's release from jail while he awaits trial so that he could continue to try and earn money and pay restitution for a prior 2011 theft charge.

The judge, however, saw things differently and ordered Mr. Zavala to stay in jail for the time being. Still, Attorney Beckham remained adamant that the best option for both Mr. Zavala and the theft victims would be his release. "My client would be best out of custody and trying to get a job, trying to reintegrate back into society," he said.

Advocacy in Every Step of the Process

In many criminal cases, an effective defense is not simply a matter of arguing for a "not guilty" verdict. In Mr. Zavala's case, Attorney Beckham knows that a larger perspective must be put forth in court—not only should the difficult circumstances Mr. Zavala's life be considered, but also the opportunity for him to make up for his crimes as he waits for due process must be taken into account. Attorney Beckham will continue to advocate on Mr. Zavala's behalf when arraignment occurs in two weeks.

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