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Labor Day Weekend to Bring Increased Police Vigilance for DUIs

Labor Day weekend 2015 is now right around the corner. While many of us are preparing for barbecues, beach and backyard activities, and enjoying the last days of summer with friends and family, law enforcement agencies have their focus trained elsewhere: on identifying and stopping drunk drivers. Every year, Labor Day weekend brings a spike in DUI activity and Miami law enforcement agencies come out in force to watch over our roads, highways, and coastal waters.

Even if you've never been charged with a DUI before, a new charge and conviction could easily ruin the rest of your 2015 and beyond. DUI penalties are multi-faceted. Not only do those convicted face possible jail time and significant fines, but also license suspensions, community service, and vehicle impoundment.

Consider the following tips as you plan your Labor Day activities:

  • Can you designate a driver for your travel? Having a designated driver is still one of the best ways to avoid DUI charges and accidents.
  • Can you stay overnight at your host's residence? Instead of trying to drive home late at night when intoxication and fatigue are both likely, consider arranging an overnight stay and traveling the next morning.
  • Can you use a ride sharing app? Experts are already looking at companies like Uber and Lyft to account for decreased DUI rates in some communities. Hiring a low-cost ride can get you around safely and avoid any risk of a DUI.
  • Can you use a taxi or public transportation? Check bus routes and write down some cab company numbers before your weekend. They could mean the difference between a safe ride home and a criminal charge.
  • Check for DUI check points. These are often listed online. Law enforcement makes them public because they continue to be an effective deterrent to drunk driving activities. However, don't risk any route home if you've been drinking—find another option until you sober up.

Increased BUI Vigilance

Law enforcement won't only be looking at roads to spot drunk drivers—they'll also be out on the water. Last year, a coordinated, multi-agency effort to police boating areas occurred over Labor Day weekend in Miami. While they're still considered no big deal to some, BUI laws have gotten more serious over the years and a conviction can yield just as many serious penalties as an automotive DUI can.

Boaters don't have the same options as taxis, Uber rides, or even—in most cases—designated drivers. If you are operating a boat Labor Day weekend, carefully consider your responsibilities as a boat operator before casting off.

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