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3 Interesting DUI Stories

DUI charges are always a serious issue and should never be taken lightly. However, because alcohol can make people do some crazy things, there have been numerous reported instances of DUI arrests where the circumstances have been odd, silly, or even downright hilarious. This blog takes a look at three DUI arrests that are so strange they’re nothing short of comical.

The Motorized Barstool

On a day in 2009, a man was struck with what can only be described as bar-patron’s genius: mounting a barstool to a lawnmower engine, attaching a steering wheel, and motoring it down to his favorite establishment. Unfortunately, on his way back he crashed while trying to execute a U-turn on the street in front of his home. Officers found him nursing his mild injuries while severely inebriated.

While he initially pleaded “not guilty” to his charges in court, the man had confessed to officers that he had consumed 15 beers before operating the vehicle.


The Zamboni

Many hockey fans will tell you that beer and the popular ice sport go hand-in-hand, however there is a significant exception when it comes to driving the Zamboni between periods. A man in North Dakota found this out the hard way when he was arrested on New Year’s Eve in 2014. He was found with a blood alcohol content of .314, over four times the legal limit.

Witnesses claimed the man was “driving erratically” between periods, including crashing into the boards around the rink several times. He also reportedly yelled at the sound operator to “crank it up” when an AC/DC song came on over the PA system.


The Power Chair

When you think of countries who appreciate their alcoholic beverages, Australia is near the top of almost anyone’s list. But one man back in 2008 took it to an extreme nobody should go to. A 61-year-old man from the province of Northern Australia was found asleep on a highway exit ramp in his motorized wheelchair while extraordinarily intoxicated. When police found him at approximately 10 A.M., cars were swerving around him and he blew a .301 into the breathalyzer, more than six times the legal limit in Australia.

The man claimed he was making the trip to a friend’s house… that was a whopping nine miles away.


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