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Attorneys Solis And Pallas To Change Animal Cruelty Law

Attorneys Helmuth Solis and George Pallas are arguing that Florida’s animal-cruelty law is vague and unconstitutional in regards to a case involving individuals arrested for operating illegal slaughterhouses. Attorney Solis and Pallas spoke to Spanish language news, AmericaTeve regarding the case and said even the manner in which evidence was obtained from the slaughterhouse impedes on their client’s privacy rights.

Secret video and audio recorded from a private group targeting slaughterhouses surfaced and shows seemingly cruel acts toward livestock, resulting in a number of arrests for felony animal cruelty.

“In the state of Florida, it’s illegal to record someone without their permission,” Pallas said. “We are going to ask the judge to discard the evidence.”

Applying The Law Fairly

Along with health and handling regulations, slaughterhouses overseen by the USDA are required to humanely stun animals before they’re slaughtered.

“Are the police going to Home Depot for selling rat poison to kill rodents?” Attorney Pallas argued, in an interview with the Miami Herald. “And what about Winn Dixie importing steaks from Canada, Mexico and Argentina? We don’t know how those animals are killed.”

Pallas and Solis argued that law enforcement may be targeting Cubans and Hispanics, whose culture and history include raising pigs solely for slaughter – especially during the Christmas holidays. A number of defense attorneys handling several cases of animal cruelty contend that if the law is applied to a specific group of people, why not apply it to chefs who boil lobsters alive at restaurants?

“If there’s a rat that’s been killed by a bad person, it can be consolidated under the law illegally,” Attorney Solis said. “They’re applying the law against people who are killing pigs to eat on Christmas Eve.”

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