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Attorney Justin Beckham Argues for Client's Release Due to Mistaken Identity

Attorney Justin Beckham appeared in court this week to argue for the release of his client, Casey Terrell Miller, 25. Miller was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and rape but was only identified via a photo lineup, inviting doubts over his involvement in the crime.

"He was picked out of a lineup, your honor," Attorney Beckham said at the arraignment. "And that means that there was a question in whether this is the correct person or not." Attorney Beckham also noted that there was a lack of any current evidence that tied Miller to the crime.

Incident at Fontainebleau Hotel

As CBS Miami reports, the victim was found beaten and disoriented in a Walgreens at 1011 Alton Road. According to her, she had been returning to the Fontainebleau Hotel when the suspect pulled up and, seeing that she had been upset from a prior argument, offered to get drinks with her. She accepted and, at the hotel bar, had two drinks with the suspect: one that she bought and a second that he bought.

According to the victim, her next memory is being in the suspect's apartment. She believed she'd blacked out and tried to escape, only to be restrained and beaten by the suspect. She then remembers being inside the stairwell at a nearby Walgreens, where she'd later be discovered.

Attorney Beckham and the Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law team are currently preparing for Mr. Miller's trial. We are certain that they will bring compelling and aggressive advocacy to his side and ensure that facts of this case are rigorously examined before the jury.

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