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Don't Get Burned with a DUI this Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend, many family and friends will be getting together for barbeques and pool parties to officially kick off the summer. Although Memorial Day weekend is regarded as the start of summer by most, law enforcement sees the holiday weekend as one with a high volume of DUI-related arrests and accidents. No one wants to find themselves facing a DUI charge, which is why it’s important to take extra precautions to ensure not only your safety, but the safety of those around you.

Plan Ahead

If you’re heading to a pool party, go through this mental checklist: sunscreen, towel, bathing suit, and designated driver. Find someone in your friend group who either isn’t a drinker, or is willing to stay sober for the night to drive you home. Many people are under the assumption that asking someone to be their DD is an inconvenient burden, but most friends would rather skip drinking for a night than see you behind bars.

Pull an Overnighter

If possible, arrange that you spend the night at whoever’s house you’re going to. Should you drink too much alcohol, you can stay the night, sleep it off, and wake up sober enough to get home safely the next morning. Driving late at night is never a good idea – in addition to intoxication, fatigue can also pose a potentially risky and dangerous situation.

Use Ride-Sharing

Using a service such as Uber or Lyft can be extremely beneficial, especially on holiday weekends. Ride-sharing is a perfect way to get home safely after a day of drinking. Some people will avoid using these services and drive themselves home in an effort to save time and a few bucks, but you don’t want to take that risk. Waiting an extra 30 minutes or paying surge charges is a small price for avoiding a DUI arrest.

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