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5 Ways A DUI Can Affect Your Job

| Jan 14, 2016 | DUI |

After being arrested for DUI, many people worry about the effect this will have on their freedom, their driving privileges, and their bank account. What they fail to realize, however, is that a DUI arrest or conviction can also have a major impact on their career. In this blog our Miami DUI lawyers look at five ways a DUI can impact your job.

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1. It Can Make You Late For Work

While there are many serious potential penalties of a DUI conviction, the driver’s license suspension is typically the most inconvenient. As a first time offender in Florida, your license will be suspended for at least six months. During this time, you may find it difficult to get timely transportation to and from work, which can certainly impact your employment.

2. It Could Tarnish Your Company’s Reputation

If you are employed in a representative role, you are in many ways the face of your company. If convicted of DUI, your employer may decide that your conviction could potentially harm the image of the company, and may terminate you or demote you as a result.

3. You Could Lose Your Professional License

While commercial drivers are well aware that a DUI conviction could cost them their livelihood, many other professionals are also at risk. Nurses, doctors, and real estate agents may all see their professional licenses suspended or revoked if convicted of a DUI, especially if the offense was a felony.

4. It Could Hurt Your Professional Image

Even if your DUI doesn’t affect your company’s reputation, it could still hurt your reputation both at work and in the community. There is the potential that some of your coworkers won’t treat you with the same respect as before, and you may find it difficult to further your career.

5. You Could Be Fired

Of course, any of the four scenarios listed above could lead to a termination of your employment. If you lose a professional license, a DUI conviction could also keep you from pursuing other employment in your same field or capacity. For these reasons, and quite a few more, it is absolutely crucial to retain a skilled Miami DUI defense attorney if you are facing charges.

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