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Aiding and abetting in Florida is a crime that can be brought against those who assist another individual in the commission of a crime. Whether they actually participate in the crime itself, they can be charged and face severe penalties. Typically, an individual charged with aiding and abetting is present during the commission of the crime.

Aiding and abetting is described under Florida Statutes § 220 as conspiring with another individual who takes part in a willful criminal act. With the assistance of a Miami aiding and abetting lawyer from our firm, you have a better chance of negotiating your case and having your charges reduced.

Understanding The Penalties For Aiding And Abetting

People who are convicted for aiding and abetting will face the same penalties as the perpetrator of the crime. An individual who takes part in any aspect of a crime can face charges for aiding and abetting. With a high level of involvement, the offense may increase to conspiracy.

Under Florida law, the individual who is charged with aiding and abetting views their assistance as a joint effort for the crime to be committed. Additionally, not reporting a crime is an offense in itself that can be viewed as an act of accomplice.

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Have you been charged with aiding and abetting? If so, you will be treated in the same manner as the actual perpetrator. Under Florida law, you are also a criminal offender. Whether the alleged offender played a minor or major role in the commission of the crime, they will need aggressive defense from our lawyers at Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law.

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