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Florida Breath and Blood Tests and DUI Law

Breath & Blood Test Cases in Miami, FL

Were you arrested for DUI because of a failed BAC test? When someone fails a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test, they may automatically assume that they cannot fight their DUI conviction. Fortunately for many, this is not true.

Breath and blood tests can render invalid results for a number of different reasons. At Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law, we understand how these tests work and how they can go wrong. Our Miami DUI lawyers can provide skilled defense to prove that your BAC test results were not valid evidence for your DUI arrest.

Police misconduct is a leading cause of faulty BAC test results. Breathalyzer machines are very delicate and must be properly calibrated before each use in order to make sure that the results are accurate. As for blood tests, the sample could be contaminated during processing in the lab.

Our firm has handled numerous cases in which we have fought breath and blood tests with excellent results. You need the representation of an aggressive defense attorney in order to avoid harsh DUI penalties, so do not hesitate to speak with a Miami DUI attorney as soon as possible.

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Being arrested for DUI is a terrifying experience. Make sure that you have the security and defense of an excellent legal counsel as soon as possible after your arrest. Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law can skillfully fight your charges and obtain the best possible results for your case. Our lawyers share more than 35+ years of combined experience and will stop at nothing to defend you.

Call (305) 290-1884 now or complete our online form to speak directly with an attorney through a free case evaluation. We can help you fight your DUI, even after failing a breath or blood test.

Unprecedented Results

Recent Case Results
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 8231-XEM | 2016
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 7260GPR | 2018
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 0876043J | 2016
  • The State DROPPED the BUI Case M12056139 | 2014
  • The State DISMISSED the DUI Case: 6331-XDO | 2011
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: 6854-XDQ | 2014
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case 7168-XEJ | 2010
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case 1577-XEU | 2014
  • The State DROPPED the DUI (SEALED) Case: 1751XCF | 2018
  • The State DROPPED the DUI Case: A10637P | 2016

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