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Defense for Domestic Abuse Charges in Miami-Dade County, FL

Domestic violence refers to violence that is committed against a family member. It can be against a spouse, a relative, or another individual who forms cohabitation in one household with the alleged offender. The state also classifies violence between parties of a current or past dating relationship as domestic violence.

Restraining orders can be placed against the offender to prevent him or her from coming near to the alleged victim. In the state of Florida, those who are charged with any form of domestic abuse will need the help of an experienced Miami domestic violence attorney. We at Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law are prepared to help.

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Domestic Violence Florida Penalties

The minimum penalty for a domestic violence conviction is five days in county jail or Florida state prison. The perpetrator can also be punished with a sentence of probation and community service. If the defendant was charged with additional charges, the punishments can be increased.

Under Florida law, many types of crimes can be classified as domestic violence, including:

Specific circumstances can cause the offense to be considered "aggravated," which means that it will be prosecuted as a felony with more severe penalties.

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At Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law, we are committed to speaking with the defendant to fully understand his or her situation. During a free case evaluation, we can discuss the possible defenses available and prepare a solid case on your behalf. We may be able to prove that you were acting in your own self-defense to pursue a reduction or dismissal of charges.

In many circumstances, false testimony can lead to a domestic violence charge. No matter the situation, speak with our firm to learn how our Miami domestic violence lawyers can benefit you!

Unprecedented Results

Recent Case Results
  • Battery & Resisting Arrest - Charges Dismissed Case M06-46384 | 2006
  • Felony Battery on Police Officer and Resisting Arrest – Charges Dismissed Case: F20-4504 | 2020
  • DUI & Resisting Officer with Violence – Charges Dropped Case: F17-010835 | 2017
  • Domestic Violence Battery - Charges Dismissed Case: M11-27759 | 2011
  • Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Battery – Charges Dismissed Case: F18-18744 | 2020
  • Battery & Resisting Arrest - Charges Dismissed Case B07-11768 | 2007
  • Federal Public Official Bribery – No Jail Case: 19-CR-20748 | 2020
  • Grand Theft 3rd Degree & Uttering Forged Instrument – Charges Dropped Case: F17-022869 | 2017
  • Strong Arm Robbery - Case Dismissed Case: F20-11764 | 2021
  • Attempted Felony Murder & Aggravated Battery – Charges Dismissed Case: F18-011485 | 2018

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