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Obstruction Of Justice Charges In Miami

Have you been charged with the obstruction of justice in Miami-Dade County? You will need to know all details of your case to handle it in the most efficient manner.

Individuals who attempt to prevent or influence the administration of justice can be charged with the serious crime of obstructing justice. Common examples of the obstruction of justice include bribing or threatening a judge and encouraging false testimony of a witness or defendant.

Obstruction of justice crimes are handled in a serious manner because laws are set in place as measures of protection for those who execute justice. Our criminal defense attorneys can provide you with the information you need to understand the charges you face and the possible defense strategies available.

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What Is Obstruction Of Justice?

In essence, any attempt to hinder the conviction or discovery of an individual who has committed a crime can fall under the category of the obstruction of justice. This refers to many different crimes, from verbal threats to physical destruction of evidence.

Examples of obstruction of justice include:

Intentions of those who commit this crime are also broad. For some, the intent may be to delay or prevent evidence and for others it may be to evade a subpoena. As long as justice is obstructed, charges may be filed.

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In most circumstances, the obstruction of justice may be punished by up to five years in prison. When this crime occurs in conjunction with a federal case, a defendant may face five years in prison or the maximum sentence that could have been given in the trial in which the obstruction took place.

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