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You are likely aware that being accused of murder or manslaughter is the most serious allegation that an individual can face. With the severity of your situation, you will need clear-cut facts and aggressive defense. Miami law enforcement and prosecutors won’t hesitate to use their most important resources for the prosecution of murder cases.

You will need to hire a trusted criminal defense firm to act quickly and protect their rights and freedom. Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law, can be that firm for you. Our Miami murder defense lawyers draw upon over 35-plus years of experience, including as a former prosecutor and former public defender. We know the intricacies of murder charges and can help.

Consequences Of Murder Convictions

Florida has received notoriety for the number of murders convicted in the past. Most convictions include substantial time in prison as well as permanent custody. Capital murder, which is the most severe type, can even result in the death penalty.

Murder is a form of homicide, which is the overarching term referring to the killing of one human by another. It is distinguished from manslaughter in that it is a premeditated act. Three degrees of murder are used to differentiate the various levels of this crime.

Types Of Murder Charges

First-degree murder refers to both premeditated murder and felony murder. Death or life prison sentences are the possible penalties for this type of murder. Second-degree murder refers to murder with a depraved mind or accomplice felony murder. Even when murder has not been completed, the offender can be charged with a form of murder.

An individual who has deliberately shown little regard for the value of another’s life by trying to commit homicide can be charged for attempted murder. Conspiracy to commit murder can be charged when premeditated murder has been discovered prior to its fulfillment.

Understanding Manslaughter Laws In Our State

Manslaughter is an offense that results in the killing of another human being but does not meet the requirements that define murder. Florida distinguishes between two different manslaughter charges. A manslaughter charge will either be considered voluntary or involuntary:

  • Voluntary manslaughter in Florida refers to the intentional act of performing homicide in a moment of heated passion.
  • Involuntary manslaughter in Florida refers to acts of negligence. Culpable negligence manslaughter refers to a lack of reverence for human life while engaging in reckless behavior.

Common Defenses To Manslaughter Charges

Florida establishes manslaughter as a second-degree felony. If convicted of manslaughter, you can face incarceration for a maximum of 15 years as well as a fine of $10,000. For manslaughter charges that include aggravating factors, the charge will be treated as a first-degree felony. Prior to a conviction, the state must assess whether the alleged offender has a criminal background.

Justifiable use of a deadly force for the purpose of defense may be a defense option. If it can be proven that you acted in defense against a felony offense that was committed against a person or property, we might be able to use this approach to your case.

Another defense option is that of excusable homicide committed by accident. In an involuntary manslaughter case, the defendant may be able to prove that he or she was not acting in a manner that should qualify as culpable negligence.

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