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Avoid A Conviction For A First-Time DUI

Have you been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI)? If this is your first offense, it is possible that it was all a big mistake. You’ve learned your lesson and feel that you deserve a second chance instead of a harsh DUI conviction. Fortunately, Miami-Dade County has recently initiated a new “Back on Track Program” for eligible first-time DUI offenders.

Anyone who meets the criteria and is not a repeat DUI offender may be able to go through the program instead of being convicted and suffering the consequent penalties and criminal record. The program is strict, as are its requirements for entry, and the duration before successful completion can be anywhere from six months to one year.

Eligibility For The Back On Track Program

There are several criteria that must be met in order for someone to go through the program instead of facing conviction or trial litigation. Most importantly, this must be the defendant’s FIRST ARREST for DUI in his or her lifetime. They must not have caused an accident or injury, and there must have been no minor children in the car during the incident.

There must also be no open alcohol containers in the vehicle. If the individual has a criminal record, it cannot exceed one prior, nonviolent felony or two prior misdemeanor convictions. The individual must not have completed more than one misdemeanor diversion program and must not have been driving on a suspended license when arrested for their DUI.

Sometimes a client will be ineligible as a result of the driving pattern alleged during the DUI arrest (reckless driving, high rate of speed, etc.). A full analysis of the defendant’s entire driving record will be presented in court. If the defendant has too many previous points on his or her driving record, or previous reckless driving cases, they might be ineligible. If the defendant blows in the breath machine higher than a .25, he or she will not be eligible for the program. The government will perform a nationwide background check on every defendant before deciding whether or not to offer the program.

Getting Into The Back On Track Program

As a result of limiting our practice of DUI to Miami-Dade County, at Beckham Solis, we are thoroughly familiar with the Back on Track program. Please see the video section of our website to see local media interviewing Justin Beckham in court the first day the government unveiled the “Back on Track” Program. Keep in mind that the program does have its costs, risks, and pitfalls.

The program involves heavy fines ($1,500 – $2,500 on average), completion of a substance abuse program and counseling, community service, drug testing, possible installations of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, and more. A Miami back-on-track attorney from our firm can help you make the most beneficial decision for your case. Choosing the program could help you avoid a conviction, jail time, and a criminal record.

Anyone can claim to be an “expert” regarding the “Back on Track” program, but the real skill is qualifying people for the program who do not originally qualify. See here for a list of people who did not qualify for the program, OR people who the government kicked out of the program, but after hiring our firm, we were able to enroll the defendant with successful completion.

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