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Aside from criminal penalties, a person convicted of a sex crime can face disdain and reproach from his or her community. In many situations, even friends and family will side with the courts and forever have a lowered opinion of the defendant. At Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law, we can fight for your case to help you avoid the negative impact of a sex crime conviction.

Our Miami sex crime defense lawyers work together and draw upon their decades of criminal defense experience and unique strengths to determine the most effective strategy for each case we handle. Each partner highlights important factors that might have been missed by just one set of legal eyes, greatly improving our chances of a favorable result.

Types Of Sex Crimes We Handle

In Florida, an individual can face charges for various types of offenses involved with sexual misconduct. Sexual acts that are deviant in nature, the exchange of sexual activity for money, or forced and nonconsensual sexual acts, may all be considered sex crimes. Even some forms of consensual sexual actions can be criminalized.

Sex Crimes Against Children

Some of the most harshly penalized offenses involve offenses against children. Child sexual abuse involves the molestation or forced intercourse of a minor. The crime of battery for adults can be charged as child abuse when committed to a child. Child molestation is another form of child abuse that involves an adult using a minor for sexual stimulation.

Solicitation of a child for unlawful sex is an illegal act that refers to the use of online services to seduce or entice a minor to engage in unlawful sexual conduct. Lewd conduct is another crime against children referring to the intentional touching of a minor less than 16 years of age in a lascivious manner.

Our Miami sex crime attorneys are prepared to handle cases concerning:

Sex Crimes Against Adults

Adults can also be victims of sex crimes. For example:

  • Date rape is a crime that refers to the forced sexual intercourse during a voluntary social engagement when the victim had no intention of submitting to engage in sexual activity.
  • Sexual battery is the undesired contact with an intimate body part by another individual for the purpose of the offender’s sexual arousal and gratification.
  • Prostitution, giving or receiving of ones’ body for sexual activity aimed at monetary gain, is illegal for both parties.
  • Indecent exposure laws prohibit the display of an individual’s sexual organs in a public area.

The Penalties Can Be Harsh; You Need An Experienced Lawyer

Any sex crime arrest is a serious situation, and the charges you face could negatively impact your life. If convicted, the penalties would directly correlate with the specific sex crime you have been charged. Additional aggravating factors, such as the offense being against a minor or involvement of a weapon, could result in higher penalties. You could face heavy fines, a long prison sentence, probation, and parole, if convicted.

Under Megan’s Law, mandatory sex offender registration is required for most sex crime convictions. Registration is often the most disheartening penalty associated with sex crimes because it will negatively influence the remainder of your life, including where you can live and work. Failure to register as a sex offender is an offense that will result in increased penalties.

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Sex crime cases typically consist of one person’s word against another. In such circumstances, the testimonies can become very inconsistent and evidence may be limited. At our criminal defense firm, we can focus on highlighting your intentions and innocence while pointing out the weaknesses of the prosecution’s argument.

Many sex crime allegations arise from false allegations or because the defendant was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our Miami sex crime lawyers can help you develop a strong case to combat the charges against you. Contact us online or call 305-564-4329 today for experienced legal counsel!