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Thousands of individuals are charged with assault and battery in the state of Florida each year. Not many individuals, however, know the distinction between these two offenses. The primary difference between these charges is that assault refers to the threat of violence, but battery is the actual use of physical force.

Battery, described under Florida Statutes §784.03, is the actual and intentional physical striking of one person against another. When the offender is proven to have intentionally caused bodily harm to the victim, the defendant can be convicted of battery.

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Aggravated Battery Charges In Miami

As the defendant of a battery charge, your offense can be increased to aggravated battery for a few different reasons.

The charge may be increased to aggravated battery if the defendant either:

  • Was aware that he or she was causing great bodily harm, permanent disfigurement, or permanent disfigurement
  • Used a deadly weapon

Battery charges can also be increased if the defendant was aware that the victim was pregnant.

Battery On A Law Enforcement Officer In Florida

Battery on a law enforcement officer is another subcategory of a battery charge. The state of Florida vigorously prosecutes those who have violently acted against a law enforcement officer. Heightened penalties are enacted on those who enact intentional physical harm on those who are carrying out their public law enforcement duties.

In order for a conviction of battery on a law enforcement officer to take place, two factors must be proven. Prosecution must provide substantial evidence that the accused directly intended to batter the officer engaged in a lawful legal duty.

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