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What to Do at a DUI Checkpoint

| Sep 21, 2017 | DUI, DUI Checkpoint |

DUI checkpoints are not something to fear for those who are sure they have not been driving under the influence. However, this is certainly easier said than done–many people become quite nervous in the presence of a police officer, leading them to act in ways that may suggest suspicious behavior when there is none. Unfortunately, you may be found guilty of DUI even if you are not drunk, resulting in disastrous consequences.

At a DUI checkpoint, drivers are stopped at often busy intersections of a city, randomly selecting various vehicles and speaking to drivers. It is at this point in which a police officer may ask you to stop and engage in a conversation with you, with the intention of determining whether you are driving under the influence. Things can quickly escalate from here, which is why it is essential you know your rights.

If you have been stopped at a DUI checkpoint, proceed with the following:

  • Have your license and insurance documentation ready.
  • If you are accused of drinking, don’t admit to anything without the
    presence of a lawyer. Do not waive your rights, confess, or agree to a
    plea bargain.
  • Remain respectful and compliant at all times.
  • If asked to perform any field sobriety tests, don’t refuse, as it
    may be used against you in the future.

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