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The long-lasting effects a DUI conviction may have on your career

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | DUI |

A DUI conviction can have a dramatic effect on many aspects of your life, including your career. Besides the known penalties such as jail, fines, restitution and loss of driver’s license, you may find yourself out of job.

Such a development may cast a wide net, capturing things that you had not thought about. This is among the many reasons why you need to work with a skilled legal ally who will go to bat for you with the goal of getting the charge reduced or dismissed.

Termination and loss of professional license

Here are some of the ways that a DUI conviction can affect your career and prospects:

  • Missed hours at work: There is no way around this due to attorney meetings, court appearances, jail time, community service and rehabilitation treatment. Only an understanding employer will provide you with a great amount of leeway.
  • Termination: Your employer could fire you. Maybe the company has strict rules that apply to criminal convictions or a firm code of conduct in place.
  • Suspension or loss of professional license: Many occupations such as attorney, doctor, dentist, accountant, real estate agent and teacher require licensing requirements. A DUI conviction may lead to the rejection, suspension or loss of the license from state boards.
  • Loss of clients: If you are an independent contractor or run a small business, clients may keep their distance. In the gig economy, you may lose temporary assignments for teaching and accounting. As a business owner, some clients may pass judgment on you and take their business elsewhere.
  • Job prospects dry up: Your job interviews may lead to no opportunities as prospective employers discover your conviction through a background check.

The truth is that the dilemma caused by a DUI conviction may harm your professional career. The damage may last longer than you think, too.

Fight a DUI charge

The effects of a DUI conviction may spill into your work life. Do your best to try not to let that happen. Placing your career in jeopardy is something that no one wants to do. Fight this charge.