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What to do after a DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | DUI |

Being arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a jarring experience. For many people, having an officer pull them over after having too many drinks at a bar or other venue is that person’s first experience with being in trouble with law enforcement. It is helpful to know some of the steps to take succeeding an arrest.

Here are some things to do after a DUI arrest in Florida.

Be aware of the penalties you might face

While you might not have control over the punishment you face after a DUI arrest, being aware of the possible penalties can help alleviate worries and stress. Here are some of the possibilities in Florida:

  • Getting your driver’s license suspended for a set period of time
  • Having to pay a fine, typically ranging from $500 to around $5,000
  • Being required to perform community service
  • Needing to install an ignition lock in your vehicle

Penalties differ from case to case and have much to do with whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, as well as how high your blood alcohol content was at the time of the arrest.

Remain on good behavior

After the arrest, you might be able to resume most daily activities until your trial. During this time, it is imperative that you remain on good behavior. This includes not driving while intoxicated or getting in trouble with the law in any other manner.

Knowing how to handle an arrest helps to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome in the end.