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DUI checkpoints in Miami around the holidays

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2022 | DUI Checkpoint |

The cops crack down on drunk driving around the holidays. They ask many people to perform sobriety and chemical tests during this time.

One thing that the police use to catch drunk drivers is DUI checkpoints. That allows them to check many drivers to ensure they are under the .08 percent blood alcohol content (BAC). They can also use these checkpoints to search vehicles for open alcohol containers and other violations. Here is what is critical about these.


Parties are abundant in Miami around the holidays. They can rage throughout the city. Sometimes, people drive to multiple events in one night. However, even if someone is careful, they can still end up with a BAC of over .08 percent. The penalties for this crime are harsh. Plus, they are more likely to get stopped around the holidays since the police set up sobriety checkpoints.


Because of these sobriety checkpoints, the holidays are often when many people face DUI charges. Depending on someone’s BAC, they could meet a variety of consequences for their actions. However, what is certain, is that the cops will arrest them, and they need to arrange for legal representation. Ensuring proper representation can help someone receive minimal consequences for this charge.

DUI checkpoints around the holidays increase someone’s risk of facing these charges. If caught driving after drinking, they must seek legal representation. This backup can catch any mistakes the cops make and handle the case correctly. Meanwhile, the driver should refrain from incriminating themselves. They should also begin regaining their license if the court suspends it. However, they should still prepare to face some consequences.